Terms & Conditions

  • Website package includes domain name, hosting and SSL certificate for 10 years.
  • This package does not include any design and development changes or updates. If any design and development changes are required, then maintenance charges apply.
  • Once the payment is done, Order status changes from Processing to Working and the user receives the invoice, no refund is given.
  • Content required for the website should be provided by the user only.
  • Images, videos and logos should be provided by the user.
  • Once the website design is finalised by the user, it will not be changed.
  • If the user requests for agreement cancellation, the total amount will not be refunded. The work done and time spent on the website will be taken into account and based on that assessment the relevant amount will be returned.
  • Any functionality change or design change after finalising by the user will not be accepted.
  • Inspiring wave will not be made responsible for any time delay in website completion, if the client does not provide content, pictures and details when asked.